Sea Eagle Kayaks Reviews – Inflatable Products Overview

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Sea Eagle Boats, Inc. is a family-owned and managed a business which was established in 1968. They are located 60 miles on the east side of New York City, near the historical Port Jefferson Harbor. This location has helped them with access to bays and secluded water bodies, giving them enough time for paddling, testing and even experimenting new productions.

Having started with just a two-person inflatable Kayak in 1968, they have continued to increase their varieties, selling them through recognized dealers. Sea Eagle Boats claims to have been introducing new models every year since they started off, improving their advertising and promotional campaigns with time. They have added to their inventory the touring kayaks, motor mount boats, transom boats, and SUPs. They indicate that their products have stood out because of their unique appearances, affordability, high quality and utmost reliability.

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The Sea eagle products have also stood out due to their use for expeditions. Today, they have a comprehensive line up including modern inflatable kayaks, pontoon fishing boats, canoes, transom boats and body board. They also have trade-marked brands such as Paddle Ski and Wave Slider.

Sea Eagle 300x Inflatable Explorer Kayak Review 

The Sea Eagle 300x Explorer is made of fabric reinforced 1000 denier, which is meant to last for a long time. It has electronically welded seams, an aspect that makes this kayak almost indestructible. The manufacturers have rated this kayak a class IV.

300x inflatable kayak

The Sea Eagle 300X Explorer is manufactured to accommodate just one person, although it is spacious enough to accommodate a pet or a child on board. The seat is comfortable and stable, and it is suited with a backrest which is removable. The seat holds two people. For the cockpit, it is open thus granting you a little more space than the spray skirts can do.

It is packaged with a three-year warranty, a deluxe package which has a double bladed paddle, a Fishing package with two-rod holders, and Quick row package with a carry bag and also a repair kit.


  • ​Has high-quality texture
  • It is user-friendly
  • Has wide variation of packages


  • It is only made for beginners and not suitable for competitive level.

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 370 is an all-purpose kayak. It is designed for one or two people, and it has grown to become one of the most popular kayaks in America. It weighs about 26lbs, making it easy to transport and much more comfortable to inflate. It has five one-way valves which ensure that all the air remains inside, remaining sun and salt resistant.

see eagle 370 inflatable kayak

The Sea Eagle 370 is customized through the add-on packages that accompany it. It ships with three accessory packages, each having seats, carry bag, repair kit, foot pump, and oars. However, the packages are different, thus having different prices altogether. The Deluxe Package ranges from $329, and the Pro Package goes for $379. The most expensive package is Quick Sail package that has an option to add a sail and goes for $529.


  • It is durable and has high maneuverability
  • It tracks in a straight line
  • It paddles easily, making it suitable even for the elderly.
  • Its lightness makes it have a smooth movement


  • It does not have strong support
  • There are no footrests or thigh braces, thus hard to generate the       lots of power
  • Not good for competitive purposes
  • It is relatively expensive

Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe Review

Sea Eagle 330 is one of the most durable and affordable kayaks on the market. It has excellent versatility on water which makes it fun to use. It can either be used by one person or two people, and it can sail in different in Class III, coastal oceans, and even calm lakes. It is manufactured to tackle different conditions and obstacles coming its way due to its durable material. The manufacturers are confident enough of this kayak that they have given it a three-year warranty.

330 inflatable kayak from sea eagle

This kayak is suited with an I-beam floor that is meant to allow you sit higher while creating durability with the level. However, this makes it susceptible and can be quickly pushed around by the wind.


  • It has a lightweight of about 26lbs, making it very portable
  • It has only 6 minutes inflation time
  • It is made of a sturdy material
  • It is moderately priced
  • Usable for class 3 rapids
  • It is a very stable kayak
  • It is a better inflatable whitewater than many kayaks


  • Due to its lightness, it is quickly pushed around by the wind
  • Its tracking is not very strong
  • It is difficult to board from the dock

Sea Eagle Fast-track 385 FT

Sea Eagle Fast Track is one of the best available tandem kayaks on the market. It is faster, lighter and sleeker. It has a curved touring shape, and when combined with the “Needle Knife keel,” it becomes a high performing inflatable kayak. The manufacturer has made it safe and stable.

385 ft sea eagle kayak

It weighs 32lbs and can take in 2 grown adults on board. It can carry up to 635 pounds. It has been made of reinforced 100 denier material with additional overlapping seams for safety.


  • Stable
  • Different packages to choose from
  • Built of strong materials


  • Highly Priced

Sea Eagle Razor Lite Review

The Sea Eagle Razor Lite is a fast and high-performance kayak, constructed using a stable and durable material for outstanding performance. This kayak is not for beginners. It is high-performing, thus suitable for competitive experiences..

393l inflatable kayak

It has thin walls and has 100% drop stitch (DS) construction. It has two layers of fabrics that prevent it from over-inflating.

Its valves are not small, so you should be ready to inflate it at least within a quarter of an hour