Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks Reviews – In Depth Product Overview

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Founded in 1948 and had their first international success in 1949, Sevylor aims to deliver affordable and inflatable water sports products. Sevylor focused on fun factor while never compromising on safety. They take fun seriously. Today, Sevylor is the market leader known for their unique designs, innovation, and cutting-edge products in water sports and recreation.

Sevylor products cover a wide range of water activities, including kayaks, canoes, boats, standup paddleboards, towables, floats and more. They also are known as a company who offers a portable and practical design. These designs are created to motivate people to go out, have fun and enjoy themselves. Here are some highlights of Sevylor’s inflatable kayak models:

Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak Review

Lots of different kayaks are made for different activities, such as river rafting, lake exploring, long distance, and so on. And then there are those built for fun and convenience, and this is where The Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak comes in.

he Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak is the most portable model compared to other inflatable sit-on-top kayaks out there. The reason is Sevylor’s innovative design to make the Quickpak’s seat doubles as a backpack. Once deflated, you can fold it up and wear it as a backpack. It will take approximately 5 minutes from the water to deflate and fold up The Quickpak. Also, Sevylor is well known for making lightweight products, and The Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak only weighs 16.5 lbs.

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The Quickpak is comfortable and stylish with some added features that are not usually found on inflatables. For example, there is a cup holder within reach of the kayak’s seat. It also features a cargo net on the front side, which makes it great for storing all your gear securely. These little details prove that Sevylor pays attention to the customers.

When you try it for yourself, you will find The Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak is surprisingly spacious. You can comfortably stretch your legs out. The Quickpak is also equipped with a backrest so you can avoid getting a stiff back on long cruises.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of the Quickpak since it was produced with the highest quality materials. The Sevylor Quickpak K1s bottom is reinforced to avoid punctures by sharp rocks or river bottoms. While it is not 100% puncture proof, the Quickpak has higher durability compared to similarly priced models.

Sevylor Intex-Challenger-K1-Review

The-Challenger-K1-is deemed as one of the best value-kayaks available today, and it is well deserved. Along with other Sevylor’s kayaks, the Challenger K1-also has great portability – it means that you can fold it up and store it in a small bag.

The Sevylor Intex Challenger-K1 comes-with several accessories – an 84-inch paddle,-hand pump, and repair patch – which makes it a great deal. With the hand pump, it will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes-to fully-inflate. Sevylor also featured the I-beam floor which helps the Challenger K1 to stay stable on the water.

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The Quickpak k1 is a solo cockpit model and is perfect for you to have a lazy day out on the lake. The cockpit is very convenient and spacious for you to stretch out. The Challenger K1 also comes equipped with a cargo net attached which helps you-to carry-extra supplies or gears. You need to buy a waterproof bag for your electronics and just store it under the cargo net. You can also store water bottle, sandals, towels, and shirts. It means you don’t need to store anything under your seat or between your legs anymore.

One last thing, the Sevylor Quickpak k1 already certified-by the-National Marine Manufacturer’s Association. This will guarantee you safety and proves that Sevylor always uses the highest quality materials for their products.

Sevylor Fiji Review

What makes this model differ from previous models, the Sevylor Fiji is a two-person inflatable kayak. The Sevylor Fiji is a stylish kayak with a bold yellow and streamlines design. And just like all Sevylor’s, the Sevylor Fiji also comes with high portability and durability.

The Sevylor Fiji designed to use straight out of the box. Upon purchase, you will get two oars, a hand pump, repair kits, grab lines, and a duffel bag. You will feel the urge to camp and try the Sevylor Fiji on a river nearby.

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado Review

Another model with two-person seaters is the Coleman Colorado. The Coleman Colorado is a relatively small fishing kayak. However, just like all Sevylor’s, it is light enough for one person to carry.

The Coleman Colorado is well known for its durability, with a safeguarded bottom and nylon covers that will protect the kayak from punctures, rocks, or fishing hooks. The Colorado also has multiple air chambers, which will help you stay afloat and avoid sinking. Other than that, the Colorado also comes with two-rod holders and sets of paddle holders to keep your paddles secure while you’re fishing.

The Coleman Colorado is a great kayak for those who want easy setup and great for anglers who are interested in backcountry water fishing. However, the Colorado has no additional accessories upon purchase, which is not suitable for first-timers.

To sum things up, if you want to try kayaking, Sevylor’s affordable models are a good place to start. The Sevylor’s are great for all ages, for a wide range of activities with a lot of fun.